How can I sleep at night knowing all these Marks could be representing the name better?
  1. Mark Wahlberg
    The legendary Marky Mark
  2. Mark Twain
    Wasn't his name Samuel or something? Eh I would let it slide
  3. Mark Antony
    I mean the dude was Cleopatra's Bae, talk about a power couple
  4. Mark Hamill
    Luke Skywalker!
  5. Saint Mark
    This one is pretty self explanatory
  6. Mark Cuban
    I'll take the username back when I own a championship sports team
  7. Mark Ruffalo
    Just seems like a good guy
  8. Mark McGwire
    The tipping point has to be his appearance in backyard baseball
  9. Mark Henry
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    He's a seriously large dude, he can have anything he wants
  10. Mark Sanchez
    Just kidding, absolutely not
  11. Marco Polo
    I never did like that game though
  12. Question Mark
    Where would we be without it?