1. Luke Skywalker is still DAMN fine
  2. Luke and Leia: the healthy precursors to the Lannisters
  3. Chewbacca's shrieking is terrible
  4. Jar Jar Binks is RUINING this franchise's integrity
    And he's a Sith Lord
  5. Obi Wan aged seriously fast
  6. George Lucas really got into those special effects in the 90s
  7. Queen Amidala, honey, everyone would be much happier if you'd pick someone your own age
  8. Mkay, Leia is the chosen one
    They thought it was Anakin. Nope. Luke? Maybe, but I'm convinced he's gone to the dark side. Leia? YES SHES PERFECT AND GEORGE LUCAS BETTER LET HER BE WHAT SHE IS.
  9. To be continued...