Spending the summer in the English countryside. I travel with only a roll-on bag because I hate waiting for luggage. This is the comprehensive list of what gets me through the summer:
  1. Two pairs of shorts (black)
  2. Three t-shirts (black)
  3. One pair of pants (black)
  4. Workout shorts (black)
  5. Five pairs of underwear (black)
  6. Five pairs of socks (black)
  7. Sweatshirt (black)
  8. One pair of swim trunks (black)
  9. One pair of shoes (blue)
  10. MacBook Pro
  11. iPad mini
  12. Sensaphonics in-ear monitors
  13. Moleskine notebook
  14. Pen
  15. Pencil
  16. Nintendo 3DS-XL
  17. Toiletries