i'm sure there are more. i'm clearly just not on top of fashion these days.
  1. Red Lipstick
    or lipstick in general. seeing it on the rim of a drink is kinda gross. i dont want anything colored on my lips unless it's a blue slurpee
  2. Fedoras
    i frown upon them unless you're european. i understand this is irrational reasoning. and i also understand "irrational reasoning" makes no sense either
  3. Bright, Colored Eye Shadow
  4. Huge, Accentuated Necklaces
    yes, i notice that it is there. i just don't think i'll ever find myself saying "that's a beautiful necklace"
  5. Fake Fingernails
    They look the same as real fingernails
  6. Pointed Shoes
    just seem sharp and intimidating
  7. Chokers
    Suggested by @Mitch