stop talking, please
  1. Awkward
    If I forget your name, it's not awkward. If I forget your name then accidentally take a sip of your drink, that isn't awkward either. If these "awkward" perpetrators had it their way, everything would be awkward.
  2. Literally
    People now use this word in a figurative sense. And if you're saying it in the literal sense, that was implied.. I literally don't understand this language sometimes.
  3. Overrated
    Not everything that is average or below average is overrated. I recently heard someone declare that "cottage cheese is overrated." Since when has cottage cheese had a better reputation than it deserved? Never
  4. Annoying
    i frequently tell my dad he is annoying. he always responds with "not everything is annoying". he probably feels the same way i feel about the word "awkward". this one's for you pops
  5. Seriously
    I know how serious you are being based on your tone. No need to certify that you were speaking the truth.
  6. Actually
    See "Literally"