1. Judges
    There's loads of great material in this book about Israel's struggles with holiness and fidelity toward God and permissiveness and compromise.
  2. Esther
    The only book of the Bible that doesn't mention God directly. Really dramatic story.
  3. Daniel chapters 1-6
    There's so much dramatic material with deeper themes to explore here.
  4. Hosea
    There's really interesting, provocative narrative here.
  5. Jonah
    I'd love to see this story told straight, not Veggie tales-Ified and told for little kids. It's an adult story about racism, forgiveness and mercy that could really be profound in today's world.
  6. Acts
    Tons of films made pre-resurrection but few that really explore the early history of the church and Christianity.
  7. The Revelation - literal version
    Forget Left Behind and all the other rapture flicks... Let's do a literal film of The Revelation of Jesus Christ.