I love candy. Here are some of my favorites from growing up I still enjoy now (when they can be found), and a couple others
  1. 1928 Recipe Dubble Bubble
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    I once bought a bulk container of these ... 850 in all. I was in heaven and my jaw was in agony. (I was like 35 when I did this!)
  2. Junior Mints
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    Ate a box of these every Sunday after a spaghetti lunch at Vince's in Ontario,Ca. The big play was asking someone for a quarter after the meal so I could go by one.
  3. Green Suckers
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    Always liked the green ones, later found Green River Soda which is like drinking one!
  4. M&M's Peanut
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    Kinda healthy
  5. Sprees
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    I can down a roll of these so fast on a road trip.
  6. Red Vines
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    But hey gotta come out of the tub and they gotta be fresh.
  7. Anything Made by Quin Candy Company
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    Not from my childhood but ... Check out this artisanal candy company in Oregon! Smoked Cola Gummies? Yeah! Candy for adult palates Quincandy.com
  8. Jelly Bellys
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    What can I say... I was a fan of Reagan and his favorite bean... What 6th grader could ask for more in a president? Separate list coming for best flavors
  9. Zotz
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    You're sucking on candy then ... Bam! Sour foam explosion.
  10. Razzles
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    First it's a candy then it's a gum... Whocould ask for anything more?
  11. Fun Dip
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    When I went to college my freshman year, I bought a commercial sized package of these from a warehouse store... Like 30 in a box. Barely ate any. On the last night of school my roommate and I ate the whole box.
  12. Wacky Packages
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    Who can forget the stale piece of gum in the wax package that contained cards parodying common products... Crust (Crest), Minute Lice (Minute Rice), L'oggs (L'eggs)