1. The World Of Harry Potter
    But only if I get to be a wizard.
  2. Narnia
    Love this place. As a kid I wanted to go so badly. Too bad the movies weren't all that great.
  3. The Jungle Book
    I love talking animals, the jungle and I always thought it'd be fun to be raised by wolves.
  4. DC Multiverse as a Green Lantern
    Doesn't matter which sector I'm assigned to, I think it be killer to be a member of the GLC.
  5. Some Steampunk Universe
    I'd love to be to live in this fabricated Victorian Era fantasyland. Something reminiscent of HG Wells and Jules Verne, but more exaggerated like Jeter's Infernal Devices, and Gibson and Sterling's The Difference Engine.
  6. Wonderland
    Always a fan of this crazy place Alice experienced, I may not want to live here, but visiting could be cool.