Here's a list of some of the movies I've cried in... Go ahead... Laugh it up
  1. ET
    You know ... The part when the ET thing dies
  2. Mr. Holland's Opus
    I love seeing people appreciated, especially those who aren't used to feeling it, like teachers.
  3. Amy
    This was just so sad throughout. I live to help teenagers achieve their high potential, this got me. Why didn't anyone take better care of her?
  4. Stepmom
    Kinda obvious if you seen this
  5. Star Wars VII
    When Star Wars first appeared on the screen to John Williams score
  6. UP
    Opening sequence... Gets me every time
  7. Titanic
    Jade and I saw this for our anniversary...terrible idea. At the end we felt we'd just witnessed the deaths of hundreds of people. We didn't go out to dinner, we just went home sad.
  8. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
    When his dad saw him perform, the dad in me choked up.