These aren't my most loved movies (except The Godfathers) but once they are in... I'm trapped in their spell.
  1. Dirty Dancing
    I hate this movie. I remember seeing it in a theater my first year of college and thinking fit was ridiculous. But dang it if i don't watch it every time I come across it.
  2. The Godfather - any of them
    Sometimes I have to remind myself it's faster to pull the dvd's out rather than wait for commercials.
  3. Somethings Gotta Give
    Keaton and Nicholson. I have to watch... Every time. Few movies actually show people falling in love, this one does.
  4. Titanic
    I always seem to come in at the part where they are dancing with the passengers in steerage.
  5. Pulp Fiction
    I always come in during the dance sequence... And pretty much turn it off after that
  6. Frozen