I'm the oldest of 4 Boys. Anytime we dated girls and it looked like it might get serious... We put the girls through some tests without them knowing. Somehow we all managed to marry way above ourselves despite our inane antics (These tests are in order of seriousness)
  1. Vince's Test
    Our family has eaten at Vince's spaghetti restaurant every Sunday since... I don't know even remember a time as a living person we didn't eat there. If you didn't love it, you were out.
  2. Singing In The Rain Test
    You had to watch this movie with us all and if you lost interest... You were out.
  3. Haluski Test
    Our family has a Czech background and our great grand mother passed the recipe for haluski down generations. A peasant meal made with bacon, egg noodles, and cabbage. If you didn't love it.. You were out.