I'm a good boy. I never smoked, drank or went with girls who did. I was even intentionally a virgin when I was married. But Nobody is perfect... Here are the times I broke the rules.... Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I lied to my first grade teacher when my friend drew pictures of naked stick figures.
  2. I wore white shoes after Labor Day.
  3. For one day... I defied Journey... And I stopped believing.
  4. I didn't cross at the corner.
  5. A friend brought me black powder and homemade napalm at school for a "project".
    I really can't believe I did this... Never considered the consequences. Back in those days, though, if we'd been caught I doubt it would've amounted to much. Today... It would have changed the course of my life.
  6. Not understanding the meaning of "kosher" I served pork hot dogs as kosher.
    I was working a hot dog stand on Earth Day at the Rose Bowl for a friend (who happened to be Jewish). When people asked him if the hot dogs were kosher, he'd say "yes". Later in the day he ran out of dogs and had me run to the store to get more. I bought pork dogs and when people asked if they were kosher, I repeated what I'd heard, and said, "yes". Only years later did I come to understand what "kosher" meant and felt terrible!