Dec 29th she entered our world and it hasn't been the same since.
  1. Skye is her own person
    As a parent you want your kids to be able to stand on their own (even though secretly you want them to need you forever). It's exciting to see her funding her voice and her way.
  2. Skye sees (and hears) the future.
    Yep, she spots trends before they happen, musicians too.
  3. Skye makes me laugh
    Skye is wickedly funny, especially when she is unfiltered.
  4. Skye cares deeply for misfits.
    If you feel loved by her.. You probably are one, she's one too. Welcome to our club. She's most like Jesus in this way.
  5. She's proud I'm her dad even when I'm embarrassing,
    I swore I'd never be THAT father, but it turns out it's kind of inevitable. Glad she still wants to be around me.
  6. Skye keeps me guessing.
    I never know what will happen next, I'm excited to see what my intelligent, creative, beautifully wonderful daughter will do next on her journey. I'm glad she lets me tag along.
  7. I love you Skye... Happy Birthday!