I was a professional magician for about ten years of my life. As requested from another lister, here's some life lessons I learned from my life in magic...
  1. Seeing Is Not Believing
    Many times people say, "show me" or "I'll believe it when I see it". But I can do things that seem like miracles and really are not. The mind can play tricks on you. Seeing combined with critical thinking and a community of counselors are best.
  2. Memory is not always reliable
    It's always fun to hear people describe a magic trick or show they saw me do in the past. Often they claim I did things I know I never did (and often would have been impossible to do)
  3. The perception of reality Is plastic, but reality itself is pretty harsh.
    Figuring out how to bypass the laws that govern reality takes a lot of work, that said, the perception of reality is easy to manipulate once you know how.
  4. Magic is not a highly respected form of art
    Unless you are really committed to it, pursue something else.
  5. Most successful people fool you by making their hard work look easy. It's all hard work, you just can't always see it from the audience.
    The average magic trick requires 100 hours minimum before I even test it with someone. Most joke writers write 300 jokes for every one they use. Most songwriters have 1000's of songs that suck. You never see what it takes to get there making you believe it's easier than it is, so many try and fail. It's all hard work.
  6. Adults are easier to fool than children
    Children never look where you want them too, and they haven't bought into patters that tell them this is how the world works. Adults, have learned to think only when necessary.
  7. It's more fun to believe in magic than not to.
    Magicians are often the biggest fans of magic shows. We live to believe the magic exists, and it does, if you're willing to see it. Sometimes knowing how everything is done just makes a person a jackass. Leave a little room for wonder in your life.
  8. The truth is out there
    Truth does exist, and it can be known. But it may not be what you thought it was, or wanted it to be. Truth doesn't care how hard you want to believe otherwise, how many people are in agreement, or how crazy it might sound. The truth is stubborn that way.