I travel too much. Here's some principles I try to live by.
  1. Not all hotels towels are equal. Choose wisely.
  2. The water pressure of the shower is inversely proportional to the room rate.
  3. He who sits on his wallet while in transit dost visit the chiropractor regularly
  4. The stability of the table and chair increases as the quality of the food decreases.
  5. Always be kind to others you encounter when traveling even when they don't deserve it.
  6. Places that have Men's lounges as opposed to men's restrooms are most desirable.
  7. Why stand when you can sit?
  8. If you have an opportunity to use the bathroom use it.
  9. Smile whenever possible.
  10. Delays and detours are nothing more than unexpected adventures if you let them be.
  11. See fruit? Eat it.
  12. You can never drink enough water. It will heal what ails you.
  13. Look for ways to make others smile, it makes the trip worth it.
  14. Backpacks.... Use both straps. Looking cool isn't work the long term damage to the spine.