If MySpace didn't peak when it (and most of us using it) were in high school.
  1. My Wife
    Because duh. But also because she's really all 8 of my top 8 spots because anyone who puts up with me for the rest of their life deserves that and more.
  2. Static
    For photos like this and I guess friendship and stuff.
  3. Dwayne The Rock Johnson
    Because he's better at the Internet than most people
  4. The @npr Planet Money Podcast
    I always learn something about the world and I always recommend it to others. @npr, you should get them on list app!
  5. Rick and Morty
    Big perspectives on life and surrealist humor as only Rick and Morty can deliver.
  6. The City of Buffalo
    You'll have your moment one day soon, pretty lady.
  7. Jay's Bar in Silverlake
    First, second and third date with my wife and hundreds of the best conversations with the best people in my life. Also old fashioned Friday's ($5 old fashioneds all day)
  8. Not Tom