Because I grew up In NY

I haven't live in NYC since the 1980s but still
  1. If there's a long line I assume someone ahead of me is an idiot
    Actual deli guy putdown: "You order a sandwich like somebody from Montana"
  2. I compulsively lock doors
  3. I suspect that most people who look like they work in a store don't actually work there
    Yes there was a recent SNL sketch on this
  4. I assume a cabbie can drive 5 min without GPS
  5. I assume a cabbie will spend at least part of the drive screaming in a foreign language
  6. I feel a thrill of victory when roaches run rather than stand and fight
    If memory serves, they knew we were outnumbered
  7. I am unfazed by any vermin smaller than a house cat
  8. Cupacoffee is still one word