1. Sushi with rice outside the nori
    This is like a sandwich with bread on the inside
  2. Sushi with more than five ingredients
    It's not a raw fish taco. Simple is best
  3. Miso soup as a separate course
    Salty umami miso soup is designed to complement plain rice. Miso soup by itself is like a bowl of gravy by itself
  4. Miso soup beforehand
    Like a bowl of gravy as an appetizer
  5. Ramen as expensive dining out
    Ramen is cheap eats. The most famous ramen stands in Japan move you through in a few minutes for a few bucks
  6. Fish out of season
  7. Theatrical teppanyaki
    That Benihana "toss shrimp in your hat" can be fun, but it's as Japanese as a corned beef Reuben