Jews celebrate Cinco de Mayo in different ways, depending on their heritage, affiliation and level of religious practice
  1. Most Sephardic Jews do not observe the occasion, noting that Mexican independence day is actually September 16
  2. Most other Jews hold a Cinco de Mayo seder
  3. The seder tells the story of the Battle of Puebla in Hebrew and Aramaic
  4. It takes many hours, but you drink four glasses of tequila and eat special flautas
  5. Some Jews add a fifth glass of tequila for the return of Simon Bolivar
  6. Or a sixth for Che Guevara
  7. A newer custom is a tall glass of agave nectar to commemorate Freida Kahlo
  8. The seder cannot end until the youngest finds the hidden chimichanga
  9. Or you can just go out for Chinese and a movie