1. Betty
    Commonly a female name. If used by a self-identified male, probably a cool person with some interesting stories
  2. Sue
    Female name except in case of Johnny Cash
  3. Marion
    Primarily a male name until Marion Mitchell Morrison switched to John Wayne
  4. Sigourney
    A male character in the Great Gatsby, but mostly female since Susan Weaver became Sigourney Weaver
  5. Paris
    In the Iliad, Paris is the son of Priam and Hecuba and starts the Trojan War by abducting Helen. The French city, however, is name after a Celtic tribe. There are no other documented uses of this name
  6. Ashley
    In Gone with the Wind, Ashley Wilkes is male. On AshleyMadison.com, probably female, but that’s not my thing. The anthropologist Montague Francis Ashley-Montagu was born Israel Ehrenberg, a name change that shows real chutzpah
  7. Bela
    In the case of fictional Americans, female: e.g. Bela Talbot. In the case of real Hungarians, male: e.g., Béla Bartók, Béla Lugosi, Béla Fleck. In case of dogs, usually female
  8. Taylor
    No clue. You’re on your own
  9. Dick
    Commonly a male name. If used by a self-identified female, probably a cool person with some interesting stories.