1. Darth Sidious
    He's insidious
  2. Darth Dolent
    Evil but not dangerous since he never gets his slacker ass off the couch
  3. Darth Sipid
    A Death Star of boredom
  4. Darth Credulous
    Doesn't believe Luke and Leah are siblings
  5. Darth Cest
    Wishes the media would respect his family's privacy at this trying moment
  6. Darth Potent
    With the help of medication, evil for up to four hours
  7. Darth Tern
    Unpaid. Will stop being evil long enough to get lunch orders right
  8. Darth Pudent
    Somewhat evil but mostly just rude
  9. Darth decisive
    Able to make those on the good side of the force incapable of choosing
    Suggested by @gilbaron
  10. Darth Stagram
    Sith photographer, sees world literally in black and white
    Suggested by @trevler
  11. Darth Cessant
    Just can't stop being evil
    Suggested by @qfwfq