Instructions from a seasoned sales associate
  1. Don't wait until you get get to the register to go through what you want to keep and leave
  2. If you no longer need my help say "Thank you"
    Don't make me stand there watching you compare two identical shirts or awkwardly back away slowly
  3. Don't snap your fingers to get my attention. NEVER snap your fingers to get anyone's attention
    I am a person. I have a name. It's right on my chest. If you can't read it, "Sir?" is the alternative.
  4. It's my job to sell you a store credit card
    I am not hurting you. I am not forcing you to get it. You do not have to yell at me to not ask you because you don't want it. You're ears won't bleed hearing my sales pitch but my boss will get mad at me if I don't say it.
  5. You washed it. You wore it. We both know. Don't try to return it without a real problem
  6. My job is to stand for 7 hours and smile while I talk to strangers. Be nice.
    It won't kill you to chat with me for a second while I ring you up but it feels like shit to get the silent treatment from a stranger.
  7. I don't run the company nor do I control this mistakes the company makes.
    Don't give me a lecture about why the company I work for is bad.