Yes, some of these are okay, but none are great. Yes I know some of these are controversial. Fuck it.
  1. Coffee
    It's literally brown caffeine water
  2. Taylor Swift (as a person)
    Her music is great, her person is the epitome of average.
  3. Zayn Malik
    Look. He's not extraordinary. He's attractive, but isn't the hottest person on earth. His voice is nice, but he's no where near Adele. He looks like he's squinting ALL THE TIME. EVEN WHEN HES WEARING GLASSES.
  4. Uggs
    These are overhyped in the "it's cool to hate these" way. Jordan's are way worse than uggs and way cheaper.
  5. Katy perry
    Her first two albums are pretty great so props to her ghost writer but now she's trash
  6. Beyoncé
    I love Beyoncé. But goddamn she's not anywhere near Adele's level. As a person she's a bad bitch. Her music is forgettable.
  7. Guacamole
    I just don't like this green shit
  8. The walking dead
    Zombies are the most overused trope ever. This show is so sub par.
  9. Shailene Woodley
    Basic af
  10. Tinder
    We get it. You're sexually free. Men are trash.
  11. One direction (the other four)
    I went through a phase and loved them but nsync is the only boy band needed ever