Thoughts on My Look

  1. Pink polo hat: an @marktheslayer classic
    Usually to cover my not so classic hair.
  2. Red jacket: another classic.
    Usually used to cover my shirt that I picked to match my look but I regret
  3. Dr. Pepper shirt: what I wear to sleep
    I slept in this last night and wore it today bc I'm trash and i haven't left my house in a week
  4. Grey sweat pants: unwashed
  5. Black flip flops: they go great with 50 degree weather
    Listen, I know. I don't have any tennis shoes so I wore my sperrys for a run last week and tore my feet up so now I'm forced to do the walk of shame any time I wish to leave my house. And not the fun walk of shame. Just cersei in GoT walk of shame.