1. Sunshine
  2. This yellow Beetle, cutest rental car ever.
  3. Alfred Coffee shop at Melrose Place
    Just the café itself which was a great place to hang among the beautiful people, not their coffee.
  4. Nordstrom Rack
  5. Valet parking at The Hotel Wilshire
  6. The Grove
    Only if you arrive early enough and it's quiet. You can enjoy the music, find a seat near Pressed Juicery, people watch and maybe see a celebrity or two.
  7. Brussels sprouts and cauliflower at nearly every restaurant we ate at — Gracias Madre, Au Fudge, Pizza Mozza, Petty Cash
  8. Spanish lattés at Urth Cafe
  9. Malibu
  10. The pastries at Republique
    I really should've had that vanilla cannelé.
  11. Melrose Place
  12. My LA wardrobe — white, slip dresses, slip tops, pink pants, Birks worn with everything