Things This World Needs

  1. All dresses made with pockets
    Even bodycon dresses. If Lululemon can do it, y'all can too.
  2. Larger Trader Joe's parking lots
    Don't you want more people to shop at your store? A parking spot is the equivalent of a welcome mat.
  3. Adult nap time and recess
    Both are beneficial and very much needed. And we can have story time! And play MASH.
  4. Google searching for things in your house
    Especially if you have kids.
  5. Celeb voices as Siri
    Don't you want some sass from Morgan Freeman?
  6. Ability to access the photos on your old phones
    I'm sorry I forgot to back up my phone again, but I have a lot of pictures on there that I really like! I know it doesn't work anymore, but isn't there a SIM card or memory stick or something I can remove?