I'm not entirely sure what Coachella is, but I have a lot of questions.
  1. Is Coachella in the middle of a desert??
    People go camping and are hiking and shit? Not sure what that has to do with the music part
  2. But there are also things happening at, like, normal houses??
    I've seen people swimming in backyard pools where there are also DJs playing?? Are these Coachella after-parties?? Coachella during-parties??
  3. How long does Coachella last?????
    I thought it was one weekend but it's been way longer than that. Don't these people have jobs???
  4. Disco lights/Christmas lights everywhere???
    On the stages, in the palm trees, in swimming pools, in trailers, everywhere. Not technically a question but I felt the question marks were necessary.
  5. People also hang out in fancy trailers with flatscreen TVs (and obviously more disco lights)??
    Maybe these are exclusively for VIPs like the big DJs, etc. What about the peasants in their tents in the desert??
  6. I thought Coachella was only, like, EDM music??
    But perhaps there are many genres celebrated at Coachella? Can someone set me straight on this
  7. Wristbands get you into stuff?
    But do you have to have a wristband to see a certain artist?? A certain set/genre of artists?? A certain person's swimming pool??
  8. Drive, don't walk?
    The same way I have no concept of the geography of LA, I do not understand the geography/layout of Coachella. Do you drive between different stages? Or just to your tent and/or trailer at the end of the night? Where do you park? Much confusion.
  9. Do people eat at Coachella?
    Or is it just water, alcohol, and drugs¿¿¿
  10. When does everyone sleep???
    There seems to be stuff happening 24 hours of the day. My chronic FOMO would have me very sleep-deprived & grumpy.
  11. Is Coachella smelly?
    I imagine that Coachella is a very smelly place. What with the sun, sweat, desert/dirt, and drugs, I can't imagine that attendees are placing a high priority on personal hygiene. Can someone please confirm or deny that Coachella is smelly?
  12. Flower crowns?
    Again, not really a question but
  13. Does one go to Coachella with friends, or to make friends?
  14. Does one go to Coachella for just a day?
    Is that even worth doing? Or do you just arrive, get turnt for an indefinite amount of time, and when you're sober again you go home
  15. Is Coachella expensive?
    I think I know the answer to this one, but I am curious how much money people fork over for this. Can I go to Coachella on a scholarship..?
  16. Are celebrities at Coachella just walking amongst the mortals??
    Do they have their own section?? A palm tree to sit atop, at least??
  17. That's it for now, but I'm sure I'll think of more.
    Any clarification from my fellow Listers would be welcomed. I need answers!!