as live-tweeted throughout Thanksgiving
  1. sleeping in but not missing the Macy's Parade
  2. Twitter
  3. a good kickline
  4. cuddles w. this lil nugget
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  5. the new Fiddler b'way choreo
  6. moms & aunts live-tweeting the parade
  7. NJ bagels
  8. Justin Bieber's comeback & my one friend who has been a die hard fan all along
  9. revivals of tv shows that make it easy to pretend we are still living in the 90's
  10. Henry Winkler tweeting about the Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich
  11. fried chicken
  12. the fact that I have never played Angry Birds
  13. Tony Bennett/Lady Gaga collabs
  14. Scully & Mulder's relationship goals
  15. the fact that people only make me listen to country music for a few minutes during the parade each year
  16. Louis CK (today & every day)
  17. puppies!!!!!!!!!1
  18. coffee
  19. pumpkin beer
  20. pumpkins in general
  21. my new sister-in-law!!!!
  22. these fools & their foolish sweaters representing their foolish baseball teams 😍😍😍😍😍😍
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  23. my grandma, who bought the new Adele album & hated it bc it was too sad
  24. Thanksgiving foods that incorporate bacon
  25. turkey legs (specifically at Thanksgiving &/or Medieval Times)
  26. the fact that my brother didn't burn the church down when he dropped the Unity Candle at his wedding a few wks ago
  27. Netflix (but not the phrase "Netflix & chill")
  28. Portlandia, & Fred, & Carrie, & fantasies that we will one day be on a first-name basis
  29. this emoji!! 🦃 so detailed & lifelike
  30. thankful for some other stuff but 2 tired from da turkey to tweet it all