1. Y2K bug
    This was Halloween 1999, obviously, and it was a thing people were actually scared of, but also I got to wear glitter antennae.
  2. Bunnicula
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    Really easy way to differentiate between people who read spooky chapter books as kids and people who had active social lives as kids.
  3. Super hero
    My super power was making loads of off-brand Captain Morgan disappear and then...suddenly reappear.
  4. Dinosaur
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    Specifically a stegosaurus
  5. Miss Piggy
    No one recognized me in a blond wig and pig nose which was thrilling.
  6. Madeline
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    People just thought I was a white girl, and I was like yes, but a white girl who is also a brave French orphan with a burst appendix.
  7. Wilma Flintstone
    Used a thick needle to punch holes through giant gumballs to make the pearl necklace and lost a fair amount of blood. On the plus side, wore an actual dog bone in my hair.
  8. Powerpuff Girl
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    Made my roommates costumes for the blue and yellow ones under the condition that I got to be the pink one with the bow, cause let's be real, she's the important one.
  9. Cruella DeVille
    Fur coat in October is A+. Also got to be extra creepy to anyone in a dog costume. A++
  10. Max from Where the Wild Things Are
    Got too into character, acted out, got sent to bed with no supper.
  11. Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifinakis
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    My one sexy costume