🐾a Dog Named Cloud🐾

Fun facts about my dog as requested by @lunavino_skylarhops I hope you like her!
  1. She is a mini schnauzer
    I named her Cloud when I was 9 because I thought she looked like a rain cloud
  2. She's 10 years old, so I've had her for half of my life (slash she has been my best friend for half of my life)
  3. She's a Hufflepuff
  4. She's blind in one eye due to trauma induced glaucoma she brought upon herself by running into a stick
    This is her after running into the stick with some classic Texas bluebonnets in the background for ~aesthetic~
  5. She has no idea she's a dog
  6. She's really good at fetch
    She makes fetch happen, if you will.
  7. She likes to be held like a human baby
  8. She's got beautiful eyelashes
  9. She remembers people really easily (and loves EVERYONE)
    This is her and one of my housemates, Hanna.
  10. This chihuahua is her other BFF (besides me and my mom)
  11. She really likes swimming and sometimes drops her ball in the pool just to have an excuse to go for a dip
  12. Her tennis ball got stuck in a cooler once so she dragged the entire cooler over for us to get the ball out
    Here's a video of her doing it https://instagram.com/p/xGDAMJSA3h/
  13. She's practically perfect in every way
    - Mary Poppins about Cloud