Hey @shacara_shacara sorry this took so long
  1. Tacos
    Literally any kind as long as it doesn't have a swimmy creature (fish or shrimp)
  2. Outfit
    Denim vest with sherpa lining, faded grey jeans that used to be black, grey converse that are dirty as hell, long sleeve T Shirt with your color of choice (but probably grey), small gold jewelry featuring some sort of animal (probs bear earrings and coyote necklace)
  3. Playlists
    Think songs from Tarantino movies or Juno.
  4. Tea
    English Breakfast Tea, throw some whole milk in if you're feeling luxurious
  5. Workout
    Nah, bruh. Maybe go on a walk with a nice dog or do some yoga.
  6. Ice Cream
    Lavender or dark chocolate
  7. Movies
    The Lion King. On repeat.