Most memorable things from my most recent summers, in honor of my last summer break ever (this year)
  1. 2010: The Summer of Robots
    Taught at a camp that helped kids build robots and watched them battle each other.
  2. 2011: The Summer of Trinidad
    This year marks the first time I went to Trinidad to hang out and show love to orphan peers from Trinidad. This place and those people still have my heart.
  3. 2012: The Summer of Pranks
    In which the pranking wars got so out of hand that the leftovers put on my friends car chilled her paint and clogged her air vents. But this was the first summer I had a friend group to hang out with. Overall, great three months.
  4. 2013: The Summer I Hardly Remember
    I just graduated high school, I started some art project that I never finished, I obsessed over finding out who my roommate was (who is still my best friend to this day)
  5. 2014: The Summer of Chick-Fil-A
    The time that I worked at CFA and had a name tag that said Moowie that no one let me live down. Also the summer my mom forced me to get a personal trainer. Josué was cool though, I wish I kept in contact with him.
  6. 2015: The Summer of School
    Probably the most memorable things were moving into a house with my three best friends and making "El Mundo Jurasico" - an 8 minute film about Jurrasic World being "la cominidad ideal" for my online Spanish class with @Schmidthappens
  7. 2016: The Summer of The Farm
    I don't want to jinx it because it just started, but I'm already making great friends and am obsessed with working at the farm. Be on the lookout for another list on my obsession with my job.