This was a very hard prompt partially because I was drawing a blank but mostly because being a child is awesome
  1. I went to an extremely small school in the heart of Austin for elementary school
    It's called City School, the location has moved now but it used to be located in a spot with an awesome view of the whole skyline
  2. I was one of about 7 kids in my class that was 2nd-5th grade
    So I (a second grader) was in the same class as my sister (a 4th grader)
  3. My brother was in the other class at the school
    The 6th-8th grade class
  4. During recess, we were allowed to roam all up and down this huge hill that lead from our school (on the top) to the highway (down below)
    This didn't last more than a year though, because kids near a highway is just a bad idea
  5. The two classes decided to build forts and have wars against each other
    Which mainly consisted of stealing the other forts "resources" (a pile of sticks)
  6. This caused some family tension between my sister my brother and I, but it was well worth it
  7. Our forts were pretty freaking durable and sweet and this is by far the coolest thing I was ever part of as a kid
    A homeless person actually started living in my class's fort... So we had to stop this game
  8. There are lots of other weird memories from my elementary experience that I could have written in this list
  9. But this is the memory that I think about most often