People That Need to Serenade Me Asap

In no particular order
  1. Justin Timberlake
    Preferably with any of the songs he and Samberg have done on SNL (Andy should also make an appearance of this should happen) or 'Cry Me a River'
  2. Lady Gaga
    Just slay me
  3. Kanye West
    Might be serenading himself the whole time but I'd still be ok with it
  4. Miley Cyrus
    As long as that's ok with Liam
  5. Justin Bieber
    Is it too late now to *say sorry? *jump on the Justin Bieber bandwagon?
  6. Zayn Malik
    Don't tell Niall
  7. Michael Cera
    If you think I'm kidding, go listen 'Clay Pigeons'. It's not like he has the best voice, but I love this lil dude and his folky vibe.
  8. Florence Welch
    Will always be relevant
  9. Darren Chris
    Preferably with the 'Ginny' song from a Very Potter Musical (but obvs about 'Mary' instead)
  10. Literally anyone
    Even if you're a douchey Italian pop star that sounds like a beached whale