Also known as my idols
  1. Weird Al Yankovic
  2. Kristen Wigg
    SNL star gone indie movie star gone GHOSTBUSTER. WHERE CAN I SIGN UP FOR THIS LIFE?!
  3. James Herriot
    Legit my childhood hero. An English farm veterinarian who also casually writes impactful stories from his life to positively influence children like little Mary?!?! Literally the coolest person.
  4. Jeff Corwin
    Similarly to James Herriot, gets to work with animals and teach people to love animals, but also HELPS WITH WILDLIFE CONSERVATION AND GETS TO BE FUNNY ON TELEVISION? THE DREAM I TELL YOU.
  5. Shel Silverstein
    Another one of my childhood idols. He gets to write funny poetry about important things that children and adults can read AND he illustrates them for himself. Amazing.
  6. Ellen Degeneres
    Gets to say important stuff about life and also make people smile for a living??? Also pranks people like 24/7??? Also got to be the best host of the Oscars EVER??? Also gets to be a part of Finding Nemo??? Yes please.
  7. Guy Fieri
    Gets to travel. Gets to eat great food all the time. Gets to have his own TV show. AND HE GETS TO MAKE UP CATCHPHRASES FOR A LIVING??? I'LL TAKE ONE TICKET TO FLAVORTOWN PLEASE