someone please tell her to stop obsessing over my nonexistent love life
  1. Static
    This was a v confusing picture to open. "Is this one of my distant cousins I haven't seen since I was two?"
  2. Static
    "Oh gaaawwwwdddd grandma no don't mention me. I bet she showed him pictures."
  3. Static
    "She really only likes him because he has awesome hair and her and mom both live vicariously through others in the hair realm."
  4. Static
    "OH MY GOD HOW MANY PICTURES OF THIS POOR BOY DID SHE TAKE. He HAD to have known she was taking pictures. She is not discreet."
  5. Static
    I actually cried when I read "forget the tigrs"
  6. Static
    "Definitely just confirmed my grandma's-obsession-with-hair theory."
  7. Static
    This was literally sent this to me today. save me.