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  1. Trump/Bo Peep
    Pretty much the same hair. Also both have a lot of sheep (wouldn't be mad if Trump lost some of his). Also Mike Pence's hair looks like a sheep. Honestly, Bo Peep deserves better than this, sorry girl.
  2. Mike Pence/Humpty Dumpty
    Wouldn't mind if he fell off Trump's wall and bumped his head. Also he just looks like a sentient egg.
  3. Reince Priebus/Yertle the Turtle
    Yertle might have been more fitting for Bannon since Dr. Seuss based the character off of Hitler... But like... He's just got a turtle face... Ya know?
  4. Steve Bannon/Big Bad Wolf
    Fits both his horrible personality and his unruly hair!
  5. will probably add more when more nightmarish people are confirmed