You should probably go ahead and watch all of Even Stevens while you are checking these ones out.
  1. "Dirty Work" - Even Stevens
    In which Louis and Co. make a lumberjack club solely to buy good maple syrup with the school's money. Scheming goals.
  2. "Starstruck" - Even Stevens
    Louis finds a lucky penny and makes facial expressions that were a very large contributing factor to me wanting to act as a child. Namely, this face:
  3. "Devil Mountain" - Even Stevens
    Louis and Twitty stop hanging with Tom when his pizza oven stops working. This is an episode saying that even privileged kids have it hard, and it's important to value humans more than things.
  4. "Secret World of Girls" - Even Stevens
    One of the first shows I ever watched that made me feel really bad ass about being female. Also Bean's first appearance so double wammy on that one because Beans > all other characters.
  5. "Stevens Manor" - Even Stevens
    These kids were innovative man. The quick thinking and innovation of all the characters is what really made this episode etched into my brain (but also beans giving massages).
  6. "Wild Child" - Even Stevens
    A very family- oriented episode that teaches you to respect all of your family members passions, even if they seem boring or weird. Plus the family interview scene is one of the greatest things ever filmed.
  7. "Raiders of the Lost Sausage" - Even Stevens
    Great father-son bonding. One-liners I use all the time ("COOL IT, HOT PINS"). And a parody on a classic film. (Also an Emu is involved)