1. Allow me to preface this by saying that I am a Livestock Management major, so I've done a lot of less than enjoyable procedures on animals
    One of which was shoving the cervix of a cow back into her body when she was having birthing issues and I straight up almost fainting while inside the cow
  2. I should also preface this by saying I'm really bad with blood (fainting occurs) and I'm trying to get better when working in these situations
  3. OK now the swine: We are doing a project right now with pigs trying to find natural solutions to parasite problems in pigs that people in 3rd world countries can easily access
    Actually a really cool experiment and I'm really proud of the girls that started this project
  4. This includes a lot of fecal samples, a lot of blood samples, a lot of squealing pigs, and a lot of funny memories
    Just look at how cute and funny they are!
  5. This ALSO includes the initial castration of pigs so that their nutrients aren't going to sperm production
    And we can feed them the same amount of feed as the other pigs and get relatively the same daily weight gain
  6. Basically you find the squirmy testicle, use a lot of surgical iodine, slice a perpendicular line with a scalpel...
    Which took a while for me because there was an abnormally large layer of fat on my pig and the testicles are like really slippery guys
  8. It's a necessary procedure that's not fun for you or the pig until y'all reminisce about it over water cooler conversation in the office a couple of weeks later
  9. Oh, and here is me feeling queasy but proud post pig castration for not passing out 👍🏻👍🏻.
    I took this pic for my dad because he used to work with pigs with his dad
  10. P.S. It was cold as balls outside and I thought my iodine and blood covered hands were going to freeze off - pun DEFINITELY intended.