1. Camp counselor
  2. Babysitter
  3. Tech and Stage Crew
    My college job that I really enjoyed. Memorable: stage managing many culture shows. Being a roadie for Plain White Ts for an evening
  4. Busboy
    Is there a gender neutral or feminine version of this title? Never really graduated to waitress at the country club (they had me do it like twice and intended for me to wait tables the next summer but I didn't go back)
  5. Bread girl
    At the country club during fancy dinner nights on Wednesdays
  6. Ice cream scooper
    Also at the country club on buffet weekends and themed dinners
  7. Intern
    At a pharmaceutical company. Very enjoyable. First and (so far) only desk job
  8. Cashier at Toys R Us
    A one month stint while I was job searching. Memorable: overnight shift for Black Friday
  9. Nurse
    Current job. Ortho/surgical/trauma