Can't just dwell in the sad forever yah know!
  1. I'm never afraid to try new things
    Got an adventure and no one to take? I'm down. Have some weird new food you want to make sure isn't poison? I'll take that. Wanna dive head first into the deep end without looking? Hold your breath cause here we go!
  2. I love how big my heart is
    I love being able to love people so unconditionally and fully. I would give my right arm to a complete stranger if they needed it. I just wish there were more openly loving people in the world period!
  3. I love my music taste
    I should make a list for this, but whatevs, I'll get around to it
  4. I love my sense of humor
    Think Tina Fey mixed with the Daily Show. Also living in such a deep state of sarcasm, people can't tell when I'm kidding. It's great.
  5. I'm rational
    I won't be angry or sad for no reason. If you have something to tell me, I'll listen even if I'm fuming.
  6. I got killer cheekbones
    Could open cans, slice a man's hand open, etc.
  7. (BONUS: me dressed as Liz Lemon for my senior pictures a while ago)