Happy Galentine's Day, Jana!!

A list of things I love about you!! @cvlop61
  1. You exude love
    From your list about your relationships in gifs to texts of understanding and your tenacity for life- you ooze the lovey dovey parts, but are also so incredibly strong and grounded My relationships told in GIFs
  2. You are a fighter
    You work everyday to overcome the difficult and work through it, and you listen to your list of fight songs to get through it! MY FIGHT SONGS
  3. You're not afraid to grow!
    Like a sweet lil plant, you recognize the past and the present in a fantastic way My younger self vs. my older self
  4. You've got a 6th sense and I believe it
  5. You're seriously up to date on all the pop culture happenings, and that's really admirable
  6. You are absolutely hilarious
    PS I agree with alllllll of these NOT JANA
  7. You're very aware of all parts of yourself (and can tell specifically by which type of drink is in your hand haha)
  8. You're not afraid to admit your deepest wishes 😉
  9. You've got great taste in literature
    (With a great range of genres!) Books worth reading (First Edition)
  10. You know that love is always the answer
  11. I hope you have a fantastic Galentine's Day, you absolutely deserve it!!! ❤️❤️❤️