Requested by @cvlop61
These be the bands that this gal likes to listen to :-)
  1. Uh, the Beatles??
    Sorry this had to be my first thing, but the Beatles were probably the first band I ever listened to. Fav track: Happiness is a Warm Gun
  2. Mitski
    Okay if you haven't listened to her, PLEASE do. She is incredible.
  3. AJJ
    Formerly known as Andrew Jackson Jihad. My best friend and I have seen them 3 times together live.
  4. Jeff Rosenstock
    My brother got me into him when he was in college, and I still go to see him today. Saw him with SAME said best friend last May!
  5. Patsy Cline
    She gives me chills chills chills- fav song is Strange
  6. Dark Dark Dark
    My best friend showed me them out freshman year of high school (ouch I feel old) but I still love their song, ironically, Patsy Cline, to this day
  7. The Vaccines
    If you need to jam jam jam, this is your band band band: fav track is Norgaard
  8. Weezer
    Pinkerton and Blue Album. I've tried their new stuff and I just can't do it. Fav track: oh there's so many, I'll just put all of Pinkerton here
  9. Violent Femmes
    Uhhh, so damn good. Fav track: Kiss Off
  10. The Magnetic Fields
    Stephen Merritt is a treasure, you've probably heard his genius tunes relegated to background tracks for commercials. Fav track: I don't really love you anymore
  11. The Velvet Underground
    Ooo baby, this band changed me as a person I swear to god. Lou Reed kills me. Fav track: Candy Says
  12. Neutral Milk Hotel
    What would my indie list be without Jeff Mangum himself. Fav track: this is so tough I'm just gonna put all of In the Aéroplane Over The Sea
  13. Best Coast
    Come on who do you think I am, someone who doesn't love best coast? Fav track: Our Deal
  14. Amanda Palmer
  15. There's too many more and my phone is dying so I'll start with this :-)