You shouldn't date me, but if you did...

Idk, I'm kinda the best
  1. I have got killer cuddle instincts
    I'm an empath, I can literally tell when you need a hug or a cup of hot chocolate, it's my strength.
  2. I'm a nurturer
    I don't want kids. They scare me. I'm also a child still (not really but really), but I loveeee taking care of other people
  3. I am always a voice of reason
    This pisses my fam off but they come to me and I'm always the one that helps them put things in perspective, maybe make things seem not so scary
  4. I'm independent
    No codependency here. Nope. I've got things going on, so I'll never be the clingy controlling type. I'll be there for you 🎶 but not to a fault
  5. I make the cutest cards
    I make the cutest home made cards with mix CDs cause I'm a crafty gal 😉
  6. I never forget anything
    This may scare you, but if you tell me something 3 months or 2 years in advance, you bet your butt I won't forget it or let you down
  7. I'm the queen of comfort food
    Just a fact, but that comfort food also includes my crazy healthy and delicious green smoothies 😋
  8. Inside jokes? I've got twenty
    But who cares, no big deal, I want more!! You best believe you'll be in stitches laughing at stupid stuff all the time with me
  9. I'm funny as hell
    I know this, you'd know it. Just a fact. Just putting down undeniable facts here.
  10. I always smell nice
    Like roses. Ask my friends.
  11. I'm encouraging
    I'm never one to put someone down, even jokingly (unless I'm so sure that they're sure that it's something they're comfy with)
  12. I've got cool connections
    You'll never be bored, believe me! (I just hope you like theatre, indie bands, and comedians)
  13. I like little things
    We'll have a picnic. We'll sit on a bench for hours. We'll dance in dimmed light in a tiny little club. You'll look at me and that'll be all I'll need.