Most of the interesting things on the 30-minute drive are on the kcmo side.
  1. A tag on this sign that has promised a community garden for YEARS asks "when?" Probably never. The developers just purchased the four corners of this street and it's going to look very different in a few years.
  2. I live by a bonafide (ahem, bonerfide?) porn theater. Their hilarious ads describe its location as "the extreme east side of the plaza" (a really fancy shopping district a couple miles away.)
  3. These beautiful murals have been popping up at the st. Vincent DePaul thrift store.
  4. Allegedly a coffee shop called bad beans! It never looks open but I love the spray painted "wha cha need?" on the facade. It makes me think the owners are generous and love their neighborhood.
  5. Finally, a red light! Look at that grassy median! Here come the cars! Woohoo, baby! (Clearly getting closer to Kansas)
  6. Should I just like get on the highway and GO? See where the road takes me? Beyoncé is on the radio. It's tempting.
  7. Ugh, no snacks at the snack table.
  8. Ready to edit with my girls. Let's get that money! Happy work week y'all. I know it don't thrill you, hope it don't kill you.