1. Celebrity death hoaxes on the internet
  2. Shrek humor
  3. Impressions of people doing impressions of other people
  4. Dogs unexpectedly humping people
  5. Conspiracy theorists
  6. Low quality skeleton humor
  7. Comically large items
  8. Ironic spanglish
  9. The sound of squealing pigs
  10. Yelling "take your top off" across a crowd at a random man
  11. The old "You wouldn't steal a ____" anti-piracy advertisement video
  12. Ironic minion humor
  13. References to skin lamps
  14. Dated graphics of a complete eyeball outside of a body
  15. Knight Bus references
  16. Miranda Cosgrove humor
    Particularly the Michael Jackson sub-genre
  17. Chattering teeth toys
  18. Spelling out (instead of saying) mildly offensive words
    i.e. "c-r-u-d"
  19. Looting!