Rainy football Saturday in Houston. Also Halloween. Clear justification for creation of this list.
  1. Sausage and cheese kolache from Kolache Factory
  2. Starbucks (triple venti cappuccino)
  3. More Starbucks (triple grande cappuccino). At this point husband offered another Starbucks run but declined given that 6 espresso shots probably enough "for now"
  4. Pop chips (stormtrooper edition)
  5. Three day old iced sugar cookie sent by Houston Rockets to season ticket holders (surprisingly not sent as apology for 0-2 start)
  6. Tums
  7. Bowl of taco meat (most of which was hacked up in unfortunate "wrong pipe" incident during Aggie game)
  8. Second Houston Rockets sugar cookie (believe large portion of first one lost in taco meat incident)
  9. Pepcid (due to Tums likely lost in taco meat incident)
  10. 2 chocolate shortbread cookies delivered as Halloween treat from stepmother (make that three - headed to kitchen now)
  11. Chardonnay (while supervising candy distribution to neighborhood kids and others)
  12. Bottlecaps candy (rejected by trick or treaters)