Things to Keep In Mind For Your First Meeting With The Night Bird

  1. If he asks for sunflower seeds, bring sunflower seeds.
    This one is on top for a reason - when The Night Bird asks for sunflower seeds, he means sunflower seeds. Not pepitas, not shaved almonds, and definitely not mixed nuts. He's downright ornery without his seeds.
  2. Specify the locale.
    The Night Bird is notorious to confuse any slight ambiguity in location. Ideally, share location on iMessage and provide step-by-step directions from the water hole.
  3. Twice the night for fright, The Night Bird concedes three for bees.
    Query the quarry and stay in queue, lest the night bird comes for you. It's far and wide, thrice in time, animations come to life. Smile unfurled, posh be pearls, and keep chins up young boys and girls!
  4. If you're not five minutes early, you're late.
    Remember, we're talking about The Night Bird.
  5. Be gracious.
    The Night Bird has a busy schedule, and is making time to meet with you. Let him know that it's appreciated.
  6. Spanish Soap Does Float.
    With suds a must and not for long, the Night Bird makes turns soap into song. Sing high! Sing low! Sing, for the Night Bird has a cold!
  7. Have fun.
    I know. Simple right? It's so easy to get caught in the fray, but before you know, it will be over. Before meeting, remember to take a deep breath and enjoy!