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  1. if I'm moving/have moved to LA
  2. if I got lip injections
    some days my lips are just swollen.. let me live
  3. any work related favor via DM/text on the weekends
    **ESPECIALLY if we are not friends IRL**
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  1. brad's raw snacks
  2. pressed juicery
  3. fit tea
    (if the tumeric lemon tonic from soho house west hollywood was a flavor)
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Can't sleep. James does this on snapchat so I shall copy him here.
  1. Why am I so tired?
    ...and why can't I fall asleep?
  2. Should have taken my makeup off but too late now
  3. I miss watching the vampire diaries
    but I don't have time to get sucked in this weekend- it's literally like a drug. I don't know myself because this isn't me
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  1. 1.
    Saw this at the dentist today.. need to remember to google and research if it works lol
  2. 2.
    Al & Yasmeen "djing" for me last night
  3. 3.
    Screen grab from Insta
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Shoutout to @Debby for teaching me about this app- am I doing this right?
  1. Rich Girls
    Ally Hilfiger!!
  2. Even Stevens
    Where are they now?
  3. Space Cases
    My dad literally would make VHS tapes of every episode.. it was my absolute favorite show that no one remembers.
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