Tips from a frequent flier. (This list is also a compilation of all the texts I've ever sent to @lbat when I've been pissed off in an airport. Multiple times over.)
  1. Have your boarding pass and ID ready.
    This is truly too simple yet there is always someone who has to dig their ID out of their wallet.
  2. Remove your bins from the conveyor belt after you empty them.
    It jams up the belt when you just take your shoes and go. Plus - really? You can't be bothered?? You're just leaving it for someone else to do. Your mom is (probably) not your TSA agent!!
  3. If you get random TSA Pre✔️, congratulations. Now know WTF you're doing.
    The rest of us have signed up and paid for this service. You're holding up the line because you got the luck of the draw and think you need to remove your belt, shoes and laptop.
    Either find a seat or a bar or a wall or a bench or a lap or a move on. Why people think that the hall is for angled walking, absentminded loitering or kids playtime is beyond me. I have somewhere to go and you're in my way.
  5. Overhead bin space.
    Please know ahead of time if your suitcase fits.
  6. DEBOARDING. There is a process. When you are seated behind me (aka anyone), unless I'm aware you have a tight connection, do NOT deplane before I do.
    I'll let it go if you are frail, smell or have a screaming child but dear god, there's a reason we have order in life and when you attempt to trump it you are telling everyone else you're a dick - and I WILL block you if I can. Listen. You ALSO want to go home. WE GET IT.
  7. Just be self-aware.
    All my complaints about non-frequent travelers involve a lack of self-awareness. Just be polite and keep your eyes open and your elbows in.